Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sports Talk with Nels & Nels in the Morning

  • Is there anything more pointless than pre-season NBA basketball? Please. The NBA regular season is already quaisi pointless and at least prolonged, given that it lasts forever and just about half of the NBA teams get into the post-season. Is there really a demand for this?
  • Sports "journalists," can you please stop calling the Dallas Cowboys, "America's Team." I've lived in three states and I still don't know a single Cowboy's fan. And my girlfriend is from Dallas!
  • A friend of a friend just got picked up by the New Orleans Saints! He is a defensive end, and his name is Jeff Charleston.
  • This weekend I won my first fantasy football game of the season. 


  1. When I followed NBA basketball more seriously, I always thought of the NBA pre-season as more of a try-out sort of period, where they evaluate the crappy/mediocre players against other teams, to see who gets cut/made a bench warmer/put on the second string. Winning teams often having losing pre-season records. Not that anyone cares. That being said, I never really bothered watching pre-season games.

  2. Yes, actually I see the usefulness of pre-season games for the team itself, absolutely. Having scrimmages at the beginning of the season against other teams allows your players to become more comfortable with one another and, as you said, gives the coach a chance to evaluate those borderline characters in a more realistic setting than a normal practice.

    Here's what I don't like though:
    -Having to pay full ticket price to go to a meaningless basketball/football game.
    -Wasting even a second on sportscenter talking about pre-season basketball when we are right in the middle of the baseball post-season and when the football season is just starting to get interesting.