Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Joy in Chicago

Well this isn't the best picture ever take of me. It's even worse because of the bootleg cellphone quality BUT I thought it nicely expresses the amount of fun that I had in Chicago... can't you see the joy in my eyes?

(Weird, I just noticed my camera takes pictures backwards when it's in self-portrait mode... Peep the text in the background if you can read it...)


  1. Haha I've never seen you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy! :D

  2. Haha, so true! I guess I was a little bit over the top. This was like 30 minutes after arriving so you can see why I would be excited.

  3. Hehe nice! The pics you posted were so awesome!

    Guess what! I tried tequila shots on Friday for the first time. Not much effect with 3 shots - must have more next time ;)

  4. Haha...
    Oh man, I've heard that before! Remember, tequila may pretend, but he is not your friend!

  5. Hehe :D I'll remember that!