Saturday, August 5, 2006

Office Space

I had always thought the movie Office Space (which I am watching right now, as sort of a way of getting back to my roots) was filmed somewhere in Texas. I guess I figured it was Dalas or something, just because I really didn't recognize anything. BUT, I finally decided to investigate, and I learned that it was in fact filmed in Austin, TX, which is even cooler. Mike Judge, the writer/director guy (see Beevis and Butthead) was born in Dalas, and so maybe that's why he wanted to film it in Texas. Also, there's a lot of software stuff going on in Austin, so I guess it makes a lot of sense. Anyway, check out this blog, to see a little bit more.

Some day, I'm may have to go on the Office Space tour...

Oh oh, I wanted to add, that I think/hope this is why there is so much Geto Boys music in the film. You see they are Houston's finest gangsta rappers, and by transitivity, also Texas'.


  1. Where are all the confessional personal details about sex, drugs and being a 24-hour party person???

    Your blog sucks!

    ...okay, it doesn't, but it doesn't help me feel like I'm learning more about you, either. Confess! Mother Suz will listen and absolve you.

  2. Bahh... okay you're right. I mean, come on, I just started back up again, it's gonna take me a little while to get some momentum going actually...

    Come on, sex, drugs, 24hour parties? Does that sound like me?