Saturday, September 23, 2006

I am one of those bicycle guys now...

Originally uploaded by DixiePistols.

Finally, I paid for and receieved my bike from FreeRide! As you can see it's a Raleigh, made in England, and it is quite classy. As you can also see, it's exceedingly difficult to take a good picture of because it is litterally covered in reflectors, and when my flash goes off, it makes it all weird looking.

Just the ride home from Freeride took me forever because I'm not used to riding on the street and I'm still very scared of cars. Hopefully I'll get over that, but even more hopefully I won't get hit by a car.


Even more new information:
I found out a little bit more about my bike from this page. It is a Raleigh Super Course Mark II. (Possibly from 1976?)


  1. Hey congrats! This should make your life way easier! No more walking all the way to college! BTW do you know this guy call Mike from my batch? He was really into biking - you can see some videos on his site too.

  2. Neat! I checked out his site, and I must say he has some rather sweet bikes. (Ones I can't afford!) Niiiice!

  3. Rad wheels, man. Welcome to the club.

  4. Thanks, it's good to be here!