Tuesday, September 5, 2006

School, I Guess

After a long and awesome labor-day week-end which included:

  1. Camping

  2. Birthday Party

  3. BBQ

It's unfortunately time to get back to the real work of living my life 100% to the max (by which I mean, going to classes and trying to do research). I think that I have discovered a golden nugget in Tom 7's research. Actually, it has always been there. I learned about it last year and over the summer at the U of O summer school, but only now am I beginning to really appreciate it and how it may be extremely useful in my research.

So, what I think his research means to me is this:
It would be the idea basis language/logic/calculus upon which I can add just the features that I am trying to research. His language has all the distributed features that I was wasting time trying to develop, in a very elegant and type-theoretic way (redundant?). Hopefully, his work can be the skeleton upon which I hang my own. He was nice enough to meet with me today to explain some of the finer points, and now I am even more confident that his work is a suitable basis for my own. I have mostly been reading his thesis proposal, which I think is definitely the one to read if you have the time. He has shorter papers that more or less explain the same thing, but they don't have the excellent background and friendly style that the TP does.

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