Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bruegger's, Thou Hast Forsaken Me

So far this week I have been too busy to go to the grocery store, so I have been eating breakfast at Bruegger's Bagels. It seemed like my order (bagel, cream cheese, coffee) was a little too expensive, but it wasn't until today that I figured out what was going on. Coffee? That's just $1.59. Bagel? Only $0.89! But a bagel with cream cheese is suddenly no longer a bagel. It is a bagel sandwich, and a cream cheese bagel sandwhich is $1.99. $1.99! Now don't get me wrong, I am not trying to say that $1.99 is an unreasonable price to pay for breakfast but what bothers me is how adding cream cheese to the bagel more than doubles its value. What planet exactly are we living on here? From now on, I am eating dry ass bagels sans cream cheese and I don't care how long it takes to chew!

In other news, and since this appears to be a rant-style entry, my new least favorite development of the past five years has been what I will christen "Google Worth." "Google Worth" is when you attempt to convey the relative importance of a topic by typing it into Google and seeing how many entries come up (e.g., "if you enter 'wholesome family values' into google, the result is 60,000 hits, but entering 'baby-killing satanists' yields over a million results). While there is nothing wrong with discussing something's Google Worth in a casual conversation, when reporters use this it just screams laziness. I would argue that the number of hits that come up for a Google search have little bearing on how important the term is. Please go look at entry 1,000,567 and get back to me on how relevant it is. My guess would be, 'not very.'

A quick Google search (yielding over 13 million results!!!) proves that I am not the only one who feels this way:


  1. maybe it's less expensive to get a container of cream cheese (even from brueggers), store it in your office, and apply it yourself? I can't imagine a tub of cream cheese to be more than a couple dollars.

  2. Yeah I think you're on to something here. The only (slight) problem is that I usually eat the bagel on the walk to school. This way I would have to wait a little bit longer, but I think it's worth it.

  3. Sometimes supermarkets sell big sacks of the single serving cream cheese packets. I know my mother gets them sometimes. You could leave them in your fridge at home and take a packet with you before you leave you get your bagel. That gets rid of the wait time. I imagine the single serving packets aren't as cheap as a tub in terms of price per ounce of cream cheese, but I'm pretty sure they have to be a lot less than 90 cents a serving.

  4. See this is why I wanted to come to CMU. To be surrounded by smart people with kickass ideas.
    I believe I will do this. Get some single serving cream cheeses and a package of plastic knives. Take that the Man.