Monday, November 27, 2006

Take Control: Climate Control

Okay, it's here!

Climate Control no longer exists. It was my band from high school. We recorded a few albums, and even sold a fair amount of them. At some point during college we recorded four final songs. We called it, "The Timely Demise of Climate Control," and we meant to record a few more songs and release it as a full length album. It never happened, and I litterally hadn't listened to the songs until today. We decided to release these songs to you for your own enjoyment. Start here:
Anyway, the recordings we made were actually pretty good. They sound rather rad, or at least better than I remember. If you find the lyrics to be full of angst, well what can I say. I was in high school. Also, if you listen to anything at all, listen to "A Long Long Time," and make sure you hear the harmony guitar solo that Rand and I layed down. We are so metal!

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


  1. Hey thanks! You got to that quickly, as I was just about to post an update, along the line of,

    "Oh and if you think we don't know that Climate Control is not a very good name, then you are sorely mistaken."

    (Also, one time when we played at a bar in NOLA, they called us "Climax Control," which we all got a big kick out of.)

  2. Pretty good! I find Climax Control to be the superior name. Accidental names have character (it's like how Eric and the Dominos became Derek and the Dynamos).