Friday, May 18, 2007

My Travel Week

It hardly seems fair to describe all my recent activities in one post, written while waiting for a plane at the London airport as my 10 minutes of time winds down, so I won't try. What I will say is that I am currently in London after having spent the past four days in New York visiting high school and college friends. I bought a ton of CDs and books from my trip and a new digital camera (Rebel XTi) with associated awesome lense.

All of that was after a kickass send-off drink with my friends at the Harris Grill and an all-night final project scramble. While the flight from NYC to LHR was relatively painless (and short, at only 5:30) the next one doesn't look like it's going to be quite so fun. Although at this point, given how tired I am, I think I could sleep in the back of a cement mixer. More to come after I arrive, but honestly at this point I barely have the energy to type. 

Stay awesome.

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