Friday, July 20, 2007


Here are two new euphemisms that I am trying to spread around. (Actually, one is a euphemism but the other is more like a catch-phrase.) Try to work them into your daily routines.

  1. You had me at Hello World - This is a phrase used to complement a programming language that you like. It is an allusion both to the concept of writing a "Hello World' program in a new language and a line from the movie Jerry Macguire.
  2. Applying for Dual Citizenship - This one is a bit more obscure. It refers to the act of, in a foreign country where an alternative means of bathroom sanitation is used (e.g., France's bidet or India's hose), utilzing both your home country's and the foreign country's means of sanitation. The logic goes something like, "well maybe their way of doing it is actually much better, but to be on the safe side I better also go with what I know works."

Do I see these phrases taking off? Not really. But I do feel the need to put my stamp on them, just in case the some day come to rule the world.


  1. I can definitely see the first taking off-- it's both nerdy *and* adorable. I believe the second has too few opportunities for use for it to take off, although it's still hilarious.

  2. Yeah, I felt the same way about the second one. Hmm... maybe I should add an Urban Dictionary entry, to try to help spread it around more to those who might make better use of it...