Sunday, July 8, 2007

I Been Eatin' Mangos In Trinidad w/ Attorneys

This morning I am eating mangoes and bananas for lunch, and I felt like it was the perfect time to point out that I freaking love mangoes! I never really got into them before. I always saw mangoes as some trendy fruit eaten by health types. UNTRUE. Mangoes are objectively delicious, and here in India they have about 4000 different types, each tasty in its own way. Indians spend plenty of type arguing about which is the best. I prefer to eat them all. 

The reason all of this is possible is because Uncle Bill is nice enough to keep our kitchen stocked with mangoes and other assorted fruits, along with the normal tech-job free foods like coke, coffee and candy bars.

Today I'm working, like yesterday. The POPL deadline is coming up (next Tuesday), and it really would be awesome if we had something to submit...

Wednesday we did go out for Fourth of July to sing karaoke. I wanted to give 'em something USA themed, but when they didn't have "Coming to America," I just settled on "Happy Together" out of a total lack of creativity. Friday night we went to the south side of town to hang out with Astrophysicists at their apartment. Last night I just stayed home and worked on The Grapes of Wrath. Good times all around.

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  1. i am jealous. every other mango i buy in the US ends up being stringy. i wish i was in the land of bountiful mangos!