Monday, May 12, 2008

Curious Non-Postings

Strangely, I haven't posted in a while. This is mainly strange because I have tons of things going on right now, each one of which might make an excellent blog-o-story. I am currently sitting in an apartment in Vienna, where I have traveled to meet Brianne. Vienna is amazing. Details and pictures, as always to follow. I have a new program, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and I am using it to make my pictures (hopefully) much rad-er. I am also now extremely interested in a.) The Hapsburgs b.) Kaiser Franz Joseph c.) World War I and d.) Currywurst.

I also had a paper accepted to a major conference, and that makes me super jazzed. The conference is called OOPSLA, The Conference on Object Oriented Programming Languages, Systems, and Applications. It will be in Nashville this fall. It was on my research work, but was done jointly with Kevin and Jonathan. I don't really have a copy up on the web yet, but I will put one up soon. Seriously. It was called, Verifying Correct Usage of Atomic Blocks with Typestate.

I've also finished reading a great book called A Nervous Splenor: Vienna 1888-1889. It's all about two amazing years in the history of Vienna,  culminating in the suicide of Rudolph, the crown prince. It's history, but reads more like a novel.

Um, more to come... It's dinner time.


  1. Congratulations, fancypants! I'm excited your paper was accepted!

    I'm also looking forward to pictures of Vienna. I like to live vicariously through my well-traveled friends.

    Also, are the hermit crabs dead?

  2. Well... I wasn't looking forward to telling you about this, but yes, they both died about two months ago, within a couple of weeks of one another. I did all that I could, but it seems that they Stanley and Stella just wanted to be free...

  3. You hadn't mentioned them so I suspected. I'm sure they're in crab heaven now, pinching things and making trails in the eternal sand.