Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm Going Mobile!

Finally got my car today! It was two days and then three hours late, and covered in hydraulic fluid, but at this point I am totally happy to have it.

I was actually wondering how they were going to transport it. Well it turns out they used one of those 8 car trucks that you usually see rolling down the highway with brand new Chevys. It was kind of funny to see my busted car up there with all these other nice and new-looking cars. Also, my car was all the way up at the front, so the guy had to spend like 10 minutes moving the different levels up and out of the way so that my car could be driven out. The whole thing was rocking back and forth from side to side which made me reconsider the part of the sidewalk I was standing on. Finally he drove it off, at which point, because it was facing backwards on the truck, I had to drive it the wrong way down the street for like 100 yards or something. Lol.


  1. nice, I had that who album on cassette and need to track it down in non-ancient format.

  2. Haha... I've got it on CD. Honestly, not the greatest song in the world.