Friday, April 24, 2009

Kevin's Defense & Bite of Brecht

Man, it seems like everyone is defending or proposing these days!

Yesterday I went to Kevin Bierhoff's thesis defense. Since my work is based on his and also he is my friend, I thought it'd be a good idea to check it out. The defense was great. There was a huge turnout. He passed. The talk went well, if a little light on the technical details, but it was great for a general CS audience. Later that night we went to Bites & Brews to celebrate. Congratulations Kevin!

I also went to see Bite of Brecht, a play on campus that focused on the poetry of Bertolt Brecht. Among other things, it included the song Mack the Knife, which he wrote for the Threepenny Opera. I was expecting some avant-garde garbage based on the lukewarm review in the City Paper, but I actually found it to be quite entertaining. The music was good. The acting was good. There were some funny parts. It did seem to drag a bit at the end, but that was my only complaint. Check it out.

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