Monday, April 6, 2009

SIGBOVIK 2009 Recap, Featuring Arkan∞id

As SIGBOVIK 2009 comes to its glorious conclusion, it's time for me to reflect somewhat.

This year's events was quite successful, for a number of reasons. First, we were in Scaife Hall 125, this amazing conference room which is perfect for the event. I hope we continue to have it there. There were a number of great presentations. The proceedings (which can be purchased or viewed for free here) look amazing. But what's more, there was a great turn-out, and the days events proceeded very smoothly, with the one exception of my maybe having too much coffee. 

There were also a bunch of "real" projects that people spent their time on. For example, check out:And of course, there was my own work! I made a game called, Arkan∞id, the infinite brick-breaking game. (In the spirit of Breakout and Arkanoid.) You see, it's like a normal brick-breaking game, but it goes on forever! Some semi-clever engineering makes it so. Plus, it's a Blackberry game, so you can leave it running all the time! So, here's what you should do:Oh, and one more thing: This research work is award winning! My paper won the 2009 award for "Most Pixels," which really I think I deserved. The award itself was a flash animation, which you can see here, and which itself won the people's choice award for best presentation!

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