Friday, April 28, 2006

Accomplishing Little

Today I was told by the second of two people that I really could go with a new picture on my homepage, and since I do in fact treasure the honest opinions of friends, I decided to go ahead and take it down while I search for a suitable replacement (I just went through all my pictures recently and found nothing, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do yet.)

Gearing up for the big race at the moment. Campus seems to be going crazy today, what between ECE day, Brenton (a new PhD student who deferred from last year) visiting, and this trip I took over to the ETC to see some Claytronics promotional video (It was really neat; TEH FUTURE).

Also, I found someone who loves The Office (British AND Yankee) possibly more than I do. She was nice enough to offer to copy all the US ones that I hadn't seen and even made me feel like kind of a sellout for missing B.J. Novak's visit on Saturday night (I mean come on, I REALLY want to see him, but why do they put those things on weekends? Don't they know some of us have stuff to do?) We also had an interesting talk about the possibly effects of computers on one's ability to interact with human beings. I often think that I'm losing that ability one day at a time...

Guess that's it. Gotta figure a bunch of stuff out in the hour now before the race...


  1. Actually we should take one in your cubicle. When the third guy is not around. :D

  2. He may be around from now on...

  3. Then we'll take his pic too ;)

  4. Hey Nels,

    It's Chris Mattmann: I love the office too! I only saw the first episode (conviently sent to me by my contractor friend at JPL), but it was great! Where can I get the rest of the episodes?

    I passed my qualifying exam at SC. Yayyy!

    Bye now----Chris

  5. Hey Nels

    Where's the pic on the site! Get one near the Walk to the Sky.