Thursday, April 27, 2006

What, 22/7 Wasn't Good Enough?

I finally bought some running shoes this past weekend. I had been running in basketball shoes for the past few months (which coincidentally is the total amount of time for which I have been running) and they were becoming very uncomfortable. So when I popped open the box after returning home, I found this little gem, which I thought was amazing:

I guess all the rational numbers had already been used up?

Oh also, there's this strange noise occurring in WEAN hall at the moment, and it has been going on for two days. It sounds kinda like guitar feedback, but it comes in and out. I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with the massive A/C units sitting 10 feet above my head, but it's massively annoying whatever it is. Maybe I'm going crazy though...


  1. Hey you running today right? I sure hope you've used the new shoes somewhat. BTW running track would mean at Gesling right?

  2. Yep, today's the big day. I have run in my new shoes twice, but they are so much better than my old basketball shoes that there's no comparison. We are running on the track, but I don't what this Gesling thing you speak of is. Is that the actual name of the stadium where the football field is?

    Anyway, my bronchial tubes are still all full of junk. I hope I at least do a decent job...

  3. Oops - take care! Will come there too. 4:45 it starts I guess. There's just one football field with the track around it and it's Gesling. So see ya there. Any of your friends running too?

  4. Well a few people I know are running. Jonathan's running! So is Marwan, another student of JA's. I have heard rummors (albeit, unconfirmed) that Donna will be running too. She is yet another student of JA's.

    Should be fun.

  5. Wow cool. Yes I met her when I started the project. Thought I'd need refactoring or something and JA said she's done it.