Sunday, March 1, 2009

Number 1 CS Party School Among Top 4 PhD Programs

Last night Sick Ridiculous and the Sick Ridiculous played a party; the CS CMU Open House Weekend After-Party. The party was great. There were tons of people. And while our set started off a bit rocky, eventually we got it together and made something good happen. This included our final, and newest song, OPENHO~1.MID, a ode to Open House Weekend. I encourage you to go out right now and download it for free at the following uniform resource location:

To those of you who showed up and cheered us on, thanks!


  1. Actually, I listened to the MP3 of the whole show and our rocky parts really weren't that bad. I think it just feels worse when you're making the mistake and mad at yourself for it.

  2. Oh that's great news. Yeah, it's definitely hard to gauge your run-time performance. I think I was mainly sad about the feedback. It's funny how having so many people in the room affects the characteristics of the sound.

  3. Oh yeah, Tom posted a video too! Check it out: