Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Break Woo & More

Today marks the beginning of Spring Break 2009, which means it's extremely quiet around the halls of Wean, um, Hall. That's okay. I'm in a relatively good mood.

Yesterday I found out that a paper that I co-authored was accepted at ECOOP 2009. It's called "Practical API Protocol Checking with Access Permissions," and it describes a case study in using the protocol checker Plural to find bugs in real programs. Actually this is mostly Kevin's work. He is the primary author, and this paper comes in large part from his thesis which he is diligently working on. But he doesn't have a blog, now does he? So that means I get to bask in the Internet glory. Um, and you can check out the submitted version of the paper here. (Also congrats to Ciera whose paper was also accepted!)

But the acceptance of this paper definitely has consequences for me, since I was planning to resubmit my failed TRANSACT submission to an ECOOP workshop. Now I'll really have to get on that since I might actually be able to go. (It's in Genova, Italy. How very swank.) I've never yet been to ECOOP, which has a slightly more theoretical and I guess European feel to it than, say, OOPSLA where I have been a couple of times.

In other news, I finally saw "Frost / Nixon," or as I like to call it, "Frosted Nixons." Good movie. As you've no doubt already heard, Frank Langella does an amazing job of portraying Nixon. 


  1. HI, I am using Plural, but have lots of difficulties to use it. I am wondering what we can take advantage of it, not in academia, but industry? what are the drawbacks of Plural in practice? Would appreciate if any response. Thanks!

  2. Well, right now Plural is research software. It is just meant to investigate object protocols (typestate) and whether or not it is worth trying to statically check their usage.