Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Computer Problems Fixed & Terrible Visions

I fixed my computer! I'd been having the same problem for about 2 weeks, which rendered my computer more or less useless. After 10 minutes it would freeze, and then each time I would restart after that, it would basically freeze immediately. The problem? My video card! I figured out that that was the problem when the screen was frozen on the Windows error recovery prompt (You know, the one that says, "Windows did not shut down properly, would you like to start in safe mode, etc., etc.), but continued to start up and eventually played the Windows login sound. I tried using my computer's built-in video card, which still has DVI output, and everything is now grand. During the whole process I remembered vaguely that when I bought this video card it needed at  least a 300Watt power supply but recommend 350 (or something like that) and I only had the bare minimum. I'll chaulk it up to that and move on.

I had a less pleasant experience this past week. Kevin, Maja and I have been attempting to pass the Enless Setlist 2, on Rock Band 2. That's where you play every song in the game (84) without saving or anything. You can pause it though, so we were definitely taking breaks. Anyway, we were doing fine, ripping through every song without dying until song #82, a catchy little number called "Visions," by Abnormality. Suffice to say that, a.) even though I was playing on hard, when I normally play on expert b.) Kevin & Maja were both playing on medium c.) we called over Tom VII, our designated RB ringer, we still could not beat this crappy song, and we gave up. It was so hard and completely a-rhythmic. Compounding this was some kind of synchronization issue with their TV, but it wasn't a problem at all before then. Harmonix, I hate you. I may be done with Rock Band. Here's video of a guy actually beating the song on hard.

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