Monday, June 8, 2009

D.C. for like 36 hours

This weekend I went to Washington D.C.! But not for very long...

You see a certain special lady found a super sweet deal on a flight to Europe, and that flight was leaving from Washington D.C. Because of her copious friends in that city, we decided to turn in into a mini vacation, one that started on Friday morning driving to D.C., and ended up with me driving back Saturday night by myself.

The trip was fun. We basically did no real touristy stuff. We mostly hung out with friends. For example, on Friday night we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant, which was amazing, and then to Asian style Karaoke, where I sang many songs over the course of four hours. Best song? Escape (The Pina Colada Song). Worst song? Land of Confusion, by Genesis. It's not so much a bad song as it didn't go over very well. No one else knew it, and the Karaoke video was full of wierd imagry (e.g., Adolph Hitler).

Saturday we went to a crepe place called Crepes A-Go-Go. Also very cool.

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