Monday, May 21, 2007

First Day at Work

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Today was my first day at work! It went really well, and now I am totally excited about this summer! (Not that I wasn't before, but these past two days where I didn't really do anything were kind of getting to me...)

So anyway, we started this morning at about 10:30 when the company car came to pick us up. I would have liked to head over there a little bit earlier since I had been up since about 5:45. but interns get last priority on the cab service, so we kind of have to wait in the queue. I am going to start walking to work pretty soon (it's like 2km, but I want to be outside) but I still can't figure out exactly how to get there. Tomorrow, one of the full-timers is going to walk with me so I can figure out how to do it.

Like I said, though, I am really exited about work. Aditya, my project mentor guy, laid out the full details of the project. It is sounding really neat so far, and we are even shooting for the summer POPL deadline. (Ahem, Rob, we need you here ;-)

Anyway, the office itself is quite swank. In fact, the contrast between life inside the office and the hectic/dirty Bangalore streets is staggering. For one thing, there is glorious A/C. There is free coffee and sodas and candy and fruit and most of the things that jaded tech workers have come to expect from their employers. We also have a delicious Indian buffet every day out on the terrace. The food is even better than the normal meals that they bring to my house. Then at around 5pm, someone brought samosas and this fruit drink to the lounge area. Again, quite delish. I can already tell that I may be putting on some pounds this summer (or Dehli Belly, as a certain J refers to it).

The people, of course, are very nice and interesting as well. Most of the other employees and interns are from India, but there are a fair amount who go to school in the US. A couple of Danes and some misc. Europeans/Asians round out the ranks. I went home at a normal hour tonight because of my jet lag, but frankly, given the nice environment and my excitement about the project, I can see myself staying late on a regular basis.

Okay, enough about work. Today I got a cell phone, and I am posting the number here:
I think from the US you have to dial a 00 first. I don't entirely expect anyone to call, but I thought I would put it out there just in case (oh, and texts work too!). It's actually probably much cheaper for me to call you, so let me know if you're into that sort of thing. Normally it would seem weird to post my phone number like this, but frankly any stalker willing to dial to India is dedicated enough that he/she should have my number.

Okay, enough for tonight. I post again when I have some real war stories/pictures.


  1. Have you thought about using Skype? That way folks can either IM or call you?

  2. Didn't Coke run into some trouble with contaminated water/Coke in India? That might explain the packaging. In fact, here's a Wikipedia article on pesticide contamination of Coke products.

  3. That's a pretty great idea. Actually the only problem is that my sound card doesn't work on this computer... so no sound a no mic. Boo. I could fix it, but I'm just waiting until I need a new computer.

  4. They bring food to your house? Seriously? Is it just because they don't think you'd be able to get it for yourself?

  5. Right, I want to know about the food too. Does the super just cook a big pot of food for the whole apartment building every day, or are you singled out as the dimwitted westerner who can't feed himself?

  6. Actually no. I asked some of the more local interns about it, and they said that this was a normal thing in India. Awesome, no?

  7. Haha. While that would be totally valid, they actually make a huge pot of food for everyone at the apartment. It's wildness.

  8. ChecksPOPLdeadline...rockandroll! I should Skype at you sometime when its reasonable to expect that I might be awake while you are.

  9. Hehe, how about, "there is no such possible time?"

    No seriously though, I try to be online a little bit each morning (10pm or so EDT) and at night (say, 9am-12pm EDT). Always worth a shot!