Friday, May 4, 2007

Stories From My Parents: Part I

This is the first in a three part series. My parents are currently in town, and they told me some funny stories, most of which show how crazy things are in New Orleans right now. My mom seems to think that everyone is really stressed out and on the edge, which I can imagine. Anyway, here's part one!

My parents are having their house remodelled right now. They are actually putting whole new room on the back of the house. We had this table in "The Breakfast Room" that is now going to be used in a much larger room. The table itself is one of those expanding tables that you can put 'leaves' into to change it from a 4 person table to a 12 person table, but my parents never had the leaves so they got this fellow downtown to make some new leaves for it. It took a while, but finally they got done. On the day that the guy's delivery men were supposed to deliver it, apparently they cut off some other driver on the way from the warehouse to my parents' house.

Well they get to my house and start unloading the leaves, at which point the driver that they cut off comes storming into our front yard and yelling and generally throwing a tantrum. At this point, he proceeds to pull out a can of mace and sprays the delivery men! With all the yelling going on, two construction workers come from the back yard, and they get maced too. Juanita, our housekeeper, comes to the front door and gets involved and starts screaming for someone to call the police. At some point, the guy spraying the mace says he's going to go back to his car to "get his gun" which apparently is code for "leave the scene of the crime" because he takes off. Someone heard Juanita asking for the cops, because they finally show up, and I think she was smart enough to get the license plate. Eventually they even catch the guy, maybe a few days later.

But the funny part was that this all happened in our front yard, and my parents didn't know about it until like a week later when one of the construction workers brought it up. Apparently they were pretty shaken up, and they mace really had a serious effect on them. In the process, one of the new leaves for the talbe got maced, and the finish was destroyed, so they're going to have to redo it...

Laissez les bon temps roullez!


  1. 1) That is an amazing story!!!

    2) Your parents have a housekeeper? And her name is Juanita? Fascinating!

    3) No, seriously, I love this story and plan to retell it to people you don't know (otherwise, you could tell them).

  2. 1.) Totally! I was so happy when my parents told me that gem.
    2.) Yeah. Juanita basically raised me since my mom was working full time.
    3.) Please do.

  3. And, she just happens to make the best egg-salad sandwiches known to man. Something I didn't appreciate until I was much much older.

  4. Hell yes.
    Respect the egg salad.