Saturday, May 19, 2007


I just arrived in India, and so far there's not a whole lot to tell. When I arrived, a driver from Microsoft was waiting to pick me up, which was nice because I had no idea where I was staying or where I was supposed to go. We managed to make it to my summer apartment without obeying a single traffic law, which was nice, and now I am here.

The apartment is actually pretty sweet. I have a nice bed, nice kitchen, everything is fully furnished... there is no A/C though, which was expected but kind of a bummer since the humidity is already starting to get to me. It's not really hot, in fact it's no worse than New Orleans, but in New Orleans we have A/C, and in India they don't. Still waiting until Monday to see if there is A/C at work. We are hoping for a hell yeah. I have a room mate, Sarjum, who is a student in North India. He is from here and fortunately is able to talk to the apartment manager, who is the guy who brings all our meals to our room and basically does everything. This is a big plus. He seems like a nice guy. Oh and the two meals they have brought me so far have been delicious, so that's another plus.

I basically haven't been outside yet, except for the trip from the airport. When I got here I took an unadvised nap; we'll see if I am able to sleep tonight.

Finally, India is ten and a half hours ahead of Pittsburgh time. I'm not exactly sure why they decided to throw that 0.5 in there. I think it's to increase the confusion even that much more. Nothing more here...

While normally India would be ten and a half hours ahead of Pittsburgh, because the US is in daylight-saving time right now and India is not, it will only be nine and a half hours while I am here.


  1. I thought you said, "I have a nice bed, a nice kitten..." and I was very excited! Too bad about the kitten, though, and the a/c.

    I'm glad you made it there safely! xoxo

    p.s. crab update: Stanley has hunkered down under the decorative tree, but Stella is thriving. She's out and about all the time, drinking water, having a snack, exercising. Also, I opened their new food pellets and they seem to be enjoying them a lot. Go crabs!

  2. Does this mean that Blanche passed away?

  3. It's awful to say, but little Blanche died in what Nels has called crab-on-crab violence. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Stella doesn't meet the same fate. :(

  4. Hmmm .... maybe you just can't trust Stanley.

  5. He's a savage.

  6. Oh Stella! I'm so happy! She's normally so reserved, I guess this experience will be like going off to college for her; a chance to discover herself without the heavy expectations of her parent.

  7. A shirtless beast...