Friday, May 25, 2007

The Future

There was something I was thinking about today while I was taking a shower. I am nine and a half hours to twelve and a half hours ahead of most of my friends and the people who might be reading this blog. One way to think about this is that I am living in the future. In other words, when you get up early Friday morning, I have already finished with Friday. Don't even bother living through Friday yourselves because you can call me and I can tell you what happens.


  1. Dude! I am in the future, too, but not as far in the future as you are. I'm only GMT+1 in Switzerland...

    So, I will consider you for my forecasting needs! All those suck-ahs in the US are totally living in the past.

  2. When I get there I will have to send people Postcards!

  3. Haha, totally.
    I bet they are still watching Black & White TV and hand-cranking their automobiles. Not that those two things occurred at the same point in history...