Sunday, September 23, 2007


Anyone know what girls like for their birthday?


  1. concert tickets that aren't too expensive are always a nice treat. or, a nice dinner, either prepared by you or others (like a delicious restaurant).

    and if she isn't opposed to flowers (feel this out ahead of time by seeing if she has flowers in her apt or inquiring about her environmental ethics), they are always a sweet accompaniment to dinner/date.

    I also think books are nice, or something in the sub-$10 range that is thoughtful (e.g. I thought you'd really like this). Only go with jewelry if you really know her style (and don't worry about spending too much, because good taste trumps price, IMO).

  2. Dude, here's my response.

  3. Hey, thanks! Those are all good suggestions, and give me some good ideas. I think I'm going to start by wondering around Shadyside. I have a few ideas in mind...

  4. I recommend anything that shows you were paying attention, which more or less goes along with D's recommendation. But it's usually more off hand than that -- like I just talk randomly with no ulterior motives about albums I should pick up or necklaces that I am too cheap to buy and then when stuff shows up it melts my heart. I mean not that I can speak for everyone -- just speaking as one of the female persuasion. Remember though that flaming bags of shit are a no no regardless of how often she wishes out loud for some.

  5. Oh, I was walking around my apartment and noticed a gift a girl once gave me: a big glossy 8x10 of herself. Even though we're no longer dating, she gets very furious when she discovers my attempts to put it away or hide it.

    Because you are a damned sexy man, I believe a big glossy 8x10 of yourself would be the perfect gift.

    Just my second 2 cents.