Monday, September 17, 2007

Papers & Passers

Well it's been a crazy last two weeks, but finally I submitted my paper on Friday night, and I'm back to the world of the living. I am relatively happy with my submission, but were are a few last-minute SNAFUs, probably worth mentioning only at another time when they aren't so fresh in my mind.

After that, this weekend went pretty well. Things were really crowded in Shadyside due to the annual Walnut Street Art festival. I didn't buy anything, but I sure had a tough time parking my car, so in that way I guess I can say that I did get the "experience."

Saturday night B. & I had some drinks at Kelly's, then went to E's b-day party, before joining up with the remnents of the CS first year pub crawl that was going on. It was great seeing everyone, and at last call they gave us all the Boot with a capital B.

Sunday I went to the Steelers/Bills game at Heinz field. It was great. We had endzone seats, which theoretically sucks but practically is awesome. It's so great being able to see right down the field. You can see who's open and whether or not there are holes for the running backs to bust through. It's just a totally new perspective on the game. They are trying to give us a little bit more of this with the follow cam (that little camera that is suspended on two wires above the field and in my opinion is a feat of modern engineering), but they never really use it much, and therefore it does us little good.

Of course I got a snarly sunburn. I was so tired from the whole thing (and staying up until 4:30 the night before) that I crashed at 7pm and didn't wake up until this morning.

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