Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Today I made some pretty good progress on this paper deadline I am supposed to be working for. Not writing, mind you, but implementation at least.


Keep in mind those are supposed to be robots. This is actually a fully distributed algorithm, so the implementation is non-trivial. Um, also I am going to Cleavland tomorrow night.


  1. Looks neat, can I see the paper?

  2. Also, what are the dots?

  3. Yeah, no problem. You can check out an earlier workshop paper right now:
    or you can wait until I have finished with this one and I can send it to you.

    The dots are actually the robots themselves. This is a hypothetical type of 'programmable matter' where each robot is very tiny and can't do much except for move around other robots. The colors tell me what state each robot is in.

  4. Oh yeah, and you can't actually see the individual robots moving, just the macroscopic result of their movements, because this animation only shows frames once every 80 simulator timesteps.