Monday, April 30, 2007

Being Everywhere I Want to Be

For those of you shamefully out of the loop (just kidding, I have totally forgot to spread the word on this issue) I am going to India this summer. I am going to be working for Microsoft Research and staying in Bangalore. I am pretty excited, but now also starting to get nervous as the whole thing is coming up pretty quickly.

Today I got my VISA in the mail, which is kind of making this all seem a little bit more real. You see, I thought that they were taking care of the whole thing which was not true. There was a little bit of panic when I realized I needed to get a work permit/visa in the 4 weeks before I left, but fortunately those speedsters at the Indian Consulate General, New York got it all taken care of quickly. In fact, from the day that I got it in their hands until the day it was back here it was only like 6 days! Wow!

Anyway, someone's at my door, so I'll riff on this whole idea later.... I had a point, I swear.

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