Monday, April 9, 2007

Via Airport Wireless (Not the Apple Kind)

What's the deal with QDoba hot sauce?

No seriously. It's not hot. Why do they divide it into mild/medium/hot stratifications if the hot is not actually going to be spicy? Isn't that the whole point of having a stratification in the first place? So that those who are easily offended by black pepper and Altoid mints can choose mild? It seems to be the case that all mainstream Mexican restaurants have this problem.  It's really inflation of labeling, much like the grade inflation taking place at our nation's most prestigious ultraversities. Why reward mediocrity, people?

They have something called, "ultra hot" or "mega hot" or something equally insulting, and which I refuse to get based in the principle that hot should be hot.

Who's with me?


  1. I am with you. If only there were some kind of more or less scientific way of measuring spiciness...
    I do think their habaƱero sauce is acceptably tasty, though, so I am happy eating there if I order by calling it "habaƱero," not quote-unquote "extra hot."

  2. I agree with Tom. Their habanero is actually has some heat. That being said, I usually just get the red sauce and grab a bottle of the Cholulla and dump some on every few bites. I also prefer a salsa roja with a thick pasty consistency, which I'm not sure exists in Pittsburgh.

  3. I also neglected to point out that last time I ate at PIT airport Qdoba I threw up 9 times in a german toilet