Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rap Lyrics

To be spit over a sample of The White Stripe's, "My Doorbell."

I was born in December of '84,
Wait, no I wasn't that was just my hot cousin but,
It still works 'cause I act kinda childish,
I drink Capri Sun, Tang, and Coffee makes me wildish.

I think back, like when I used to eat ice cream,
Had a whole mess of toys, Jordan on the Dream Team,
Nowadays, with this PhD lifestyle,
Walk the streets of Pittsburgh, get 'caught in a drive-by.

Ha! Now you know I'm just playin'
While I rock the experiment,
You rock the chorus,
No Hatin'.

And this song won't resonate or make you smile,
It's fifth-grade drama and the wordplay is juvinille.


  1. This is probably the wrong answer, but whatever this is sucks!

  2. boo.
    Okay, fair enough. My skillz are not honed. But I expect some leniency since I wrote it during my Networks class.

  3. :)

    Are you becoming an emcee?

  4. Only if this PhD thing doesn't pan out.

    Take note! I will reject all comments along the lines of "don't quit your day job."

  5. w0rd uuuppp.

    So when is this hot cousin visiting the fine city of Pittsburgh?

  6. HA! Actually that part of the song was a lie. Not only do I not have any hot cousins, I don't really have any cousins at all...

    I always had cousin envy growing up.