Saturday, April 21, 2007

I told him, "You got to wait!"

Ugh, well I definitely overdid it last night. I guess I'll be the last to join the wine tasting blog party.

After a relatively unproductive day at work, I joined up with a group of CMU stars, some old and some new (to me at least). I joined  and Mr. Benjamin and others at the other Rob's house for a quick bite to eat before heading over to the the GSA wine tasting. Apparently things had been better before we got there, but the lines were really long. This meant that I immediately began taking two glasses of wine at a time and proceeded to get smashingly drunk.

I always get in kind of a weird mood whenever I go to these big all-grad-student events. Partially I really want to meet people from other departments, but at the same time I always sort of feel like everyone is in their own little groups, or something. Honestly, it's really all just me, but for some reason I never end up talking to my friends, and I just sort of wander around for a while... Towards the end I did have more fun though. I ended up finally talking to this girl whom I had seen around and always wanted to talk to. Turns out she was really nice, although I do get the sneaking suspicion that she has a BF. Oh well.

Moving on, we returned to Shadyside for a bit of merriment, diet coke and facebooking with the same crew. At this point I actually switched up, and joined an entirely different crew (, , Nick, Mike, Mike, Heather, Ian, Others?) who were furiously text messaging me from over in West Shadyside. Harris grill meant more drinks. We returned to my 'pad' to attempt to finish off some of that rum (we didn't even finish off one bottle, btw) and at this point I proceeded to get absolutely stupid. I wore sun glasses, we ate pizza, nick slept on my couch. It was a good time. I woke up the next morning absolutely convinced (because of a dream) that  had broken my acoustic guitar. I was very sad, until I realized it was all a ruse.

Man, this is a long entry... but anyway, I did some work, saw a soccer game, and went to carnival today. the end. Now I will go play my entirely un-destroyed guitar!


  1. Man, when people drink at your house while I am sober, I break shit in reality, and if I am inconveniently somewhere else, I break shit in your DREAMS.

    That, my friend, is INTENSE.

  2. Yeah, I thought you'd get a kick out of that. You were so sorry in my dream, but I seem to remember that you couldn't afford to pay for the whole thing.

  3. You should invite me to such things. Imagine the fun!