Tuesday, August 7, 2007

8-Bit Power

Apparently I have been immortalized in song form.

Tom 7 has written the Theme from nbeckman, which I still haven't listened to, but you should go ahead and hear it in all its 8 bit glory.

More importantly, however, someone has finally gotten on the ball and introduced what I have casually been referring to as "Wikipedia: Pants Edition." You can now search wikipedia via text message. I predict this will be crucial for settling those bar disputes that come up at the Harris Grill, and we can see once and for all how utterly full of crap I am.


  1. But in a way isn't wikipedia just like a particularly insistent and knowledgeable-sounding bar friend anyway?

  2. BTW I sent this song to you like 6 months ago

  3. It's true, you did, and yet somehow, possibly due to the absensce of speakers on my laptop or my general absent-mindedness, I had never actually listened to it until last night. Shame on me!