Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Los Angeles

While I am waiting for Rand, his room mates, and the rest of Pizza! to finish band practice, I'll let you guys know a little bit about my trip to LA. First, there was my trip back from Bangalore. I already talked about my wait on the tarmac of LAX, so I think I should just sum up the earlier part of the flight in pictures. Here goes:
So that sucked... On Sunday we did a lot of shopping and hanging out. As usual, I went to Amoeba records, which was a glorious experience. I picked up a CD by The Fratellis (recommended to me by another summer intern), an Of Montreal CD that I love but have never bought, and James Taylor: Greatest Hits, since I have had "Fire and Rain" stuck in my head for about the last two months.

Staying with Rand had been great so far. He's got adorable cats, is located in a fun area (Echo Park/Silverlake) and has been nice enough to drive me all over this large city of ours. And because it didn't feel like enough of a vacation, yesterday we went to Disneyland! Camp melanoma might be a better name though, because it was just a little bit hot. Heat aside, we had a ridiculously large amount of fun, and I can't believe it had been so long since I had gone.

Today, while Rand was at work, I got a haircut, of which I was in desperate need, and I saw "Knocked Up," a Judd Apataw movie. I would recommend "Knocked Up," if you haven't seen it (it came out while I was in India). It's an impressive combination of vulgar humor, over the top sentimentality, and realistic arguments. It's win/win/win if you ask me.  Tonight, we're going to get hot wings, or something like that, and then tomorrow it's back to New Orleans for me! I haven't been here too long, but I think it's been just long enough that I'll want to come back again when I leave. Always good to keep 'em wanting more...  


  1. The drawings? Perfection.

    I liked Knocked Up. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did, but it was vulgar, but not too much, funny in the right way, and had its heart in the right place.

    Too bad about that whole copyright infringement thing. I don't know who's right or wrong, but the whole debacle left a bad taste in my mouth after I found out about it.


  2. You, sir, are an arteest!

  3. I just have one question. Is the USA A-OK? Bangalore is already missing you.

  4. Heyyy that's really interesting. I hadn't heard anything about that before.

  5. It's alright, but it's different! It's feels weird being back, but good too.

  6. Well, what can I say?