Thursday, August 9, 2007

Then You Get the Money

In response to yesterday's post, Chris' blog is mostly correct, particularly with respect to the issues that actually matter. You need to go to Citbank, and go around to the side, upstairs area. You need to talk to the person at the desk in back on the left side, although her name has changed. You need to bring your account info (both accounts) address of the bank in US, the amount of money you want to transfer (remembering that the whole thing costs 1125 RS) and copies of your paystubs and emails detailing any reimbursements that were deposited to your account (This is necessary, because you have to prove that you earned all the money that you want to transfer). 

Just go, sit down, and follow her instructions.

The only thing that gave her a little worry was the reimbursement for my flight. She wasn't sure that was good enough for proof that I had earned the money... Anyway, we'll find out if it worked or not in two to three business days.


  1. This sounds suspiciously like an RPG quest to me. Are you sure you have enough mana points to get this one done, nels?

  2. Haha! Yeah, it's funny, but I do feel way more charistmatic than normal. Must have leveled up or something...