Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sewing, etc.

Does anyone know a cheap tailor/seamstress/alteration person around CMU? I went to the drycleaning/tailoring place on Ellsworth this morning, but because they charge by the square foot of fabric cut, it was going to end up costing like $21 for a $50 curtain, and I'm really just looking for a makeshift job here...


  1. i've had several pairs of pants shortened (oh if only my legs were as long as Calvin Klein thinks they should be!) at the dry cleaner on Murray just south of Beacon. The woman who works there does really nice work. It was ~$12/pair but I have no idea what the exchange rate is for pants to curtains.

  2. Okay, I ended up going to the "New Oakland Tailor," on Meyrand street. It was still a little more than I think it should have been ($15/curtain) but it was cheaper and I was tired of looking around.